Friday, February 20, 2015


A week of family and friends losing loved ones and more vet bills needed some positivity.  Here are a few things that lifted my spirits:

Exhibit A:  From the "Some people are raising their kids right" files, both of these stories warmed the cockles of my cold, shriveled heart:

First up, Tommy Adams, a teen driving through snow-packed Virginia, made his mother stop the car so he could shovel snow for a an elderly man with a walker. Kudos, Tommy, you're aces with me.

Also kicking ass in the "I'm going to be a good grown human" department is Harmonie Frederick, a nine-year-old from South Carolina who sent a letter of encouragement along with $5 she got from the Tooth Fairy to Ron Rivera, coach of the Carolina Panthers, after his house was damaged by a fire. In return, Harmonie received a note from Rivera, along with some Panthers gear and, of course, her $5 back. She plans to save it for college.

Kids like these put some big fat marks in the "We Are Not Doomed" column.

Exhibit B:  A family out kayaking in Santa Barbara picked up a surprise passenger when a sea lion pup jumped on the back of their kayak and went for a 20-minute ride in the sun (even "snuggling" with the Dad, hello diabeetus from the cute).  If you're interested in the video, click here, but below is a photographic glimpse at this super nifty moment:

Exhibit C:  Many, many moons ago, my brother started choking at the dinner table. The joke goes that I hemmed and hawed over giving him the Heimlich Maneuver while he turned blue, but eventually gave in based on the chance to break one of his ribs without punishment.  I received a text from my brother yesterday saying the following:

"I finally paid forward the time you saved my life with the Heimlich. Yeah, I saved a guy's life today.  Do I get to go to heaven now?  Is that how it works, or do I still have to go to church on Sunday?"

For the record, he would be struck by lightning if he walked into a church (as would I), but I'm still proud of him. And he can always make me laugh.  But I can still kick his ass in a cheek fight.

Exhibit D:  Speaking of my brother making me laugh, I was proud to find out he picked up one or two of my babysitting skillz.  A lesson from our father was to always have duct tape and WD-40 on hand. Well, when you don't have duct tape, packing tape or saran wrap might do in a pinch:

 P.S. Dear CFS - No children were harmed in this incident.

Exhibit E:  A German Shepherd and an owl are best friends.  I REPEAT, A GERMAN SHEPHERD AND AN OWL ARE BEST FRIENDS:

That's all, kids.  TGIF.


Care said...

Positively one of the best posts I'm sure to read today.

Marisa @The Daily Dosage said...

The Owl and the photos I've seen in a long time!

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