Friday, February 13, 2015


I needed some positive things this week and boy did they come around to balance out the downers.  Here's just a few gems that I hope brighten your day as well:

Exhibit A:  On the personal front, this little bastard turned 4 on the 11th.  What an incredible kid he is, I miss him every day. He's *almost* enough to get me to move to Kansas:

Exhibit B:    Libby received Pearl, a teacup piglet, for her second birthday.  They are now inseparable and the cutest damn thing ever.  Click here for more.  I dare you not to smile:

Exhibit C:  Headline:  "Australia's Oldest Man Knits Tiny Sweaters For Injured Penguins."  Do you really any need more than that?  Extra points for going meta with the penguin in a Penguin sweater:

Exhibit D:  I don't have many "heroes," per se.  But this kid just made the short-list. Tired of being bullied, he started doing one simple thing at his new school.  It not only changed him, but everyone around him.  When you have your tissues handy, make with the clicky:

Exhibit E:  Another great week with Super Bird, and I'm constantly amazed at her capacity to trust (jumping on, over, through or around anything I ask), love (throwing herself in my arms when I open them for her), and make me laugh after all she's been through.  (And after knowing me a mere four weeks.)  We could all learn a thing or two from our dogs. Oh, and she kicked ass at her first training class.

Making new friends:

Hanging with the whales at MLK Regional Shoreline:

Visiting the Winters Joneses in Novato:

Learning the art of the weekend bed nap:

Showing me up in the "how to be a lady" department:

That's all kids, TGIF.


Shannon @ River City Reading said...

Um, that piglet and your sweet pup are just about the cutest and totally brightened MY day!

Malcolm Avenue Review said...

Thanks for saying so, that's what I'd hoped might happen with the SP column. Helps me to write it, if it brightens the day of others, more the better.

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It was on Malcolm Avenue, through and with my family and the other families that made up our neighborhood of characters, that I first learned about and gained an appreciation for the things I continue to love the most to this day: music, animals, photography, sports, television/movies and, of course, books.

I owe a debt of gratitude to that life on Malcolm Avenue. It gave me a sense of community and friendship, support and adventure. For better and worse, life on that street likely had the biggest impact on the person I've become. So this blog, and the things I write here, are all, at their base level, a little bit of a love letter to Malcolm Avenue.


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