Friday, September 11, 2015


It's late Thursday night and it's been a shit week and I had resigned myself to not getting this post up. Then I saw Exhibit A and thought, what the hell, even if it's just one item, it will be worth it to someone (even if that someone is just me). Then I got started, and a few more bits started catching my eye and before you know it I had a post and even felt a little better my own self. So thanks to this cute little bastard in Exhibit A for setting me on the positive path:

Exhibit A:  Remember when we used to feel this way about the little, simple things? Yeah, we need more of this:

Exhibit B:  A bit of a tear-jerker, but an all-around great story. Older dogs needing rescue are often overlooked because of their age and medical needs. Sadly, many people don't have the time, patience, or money to deal with older dog issues. Sher Polvinale is going above and beyond to help older pets. In 2006, she created senior pet sanctuary House With A Heart in her Maryland home. At Sher's house, cats and dogs who would otherwise be homeless and/or euthanized are provided with a loving forever home. Sher devotes all of her time to the nearly two-dozen dogs currently spending their golden years at House With A Heart. Get out your hankies:

Exhibit C: I'm not sure if this video is positive or not, because this cat has forever shamed the feline constituent. He shows good game, then totally gives up. Owned by a chicken. This cat is no Manny Pawquaio.

Exhibit D:  Now that we've established how inferior cats are, let's really prove it with this awesome dog video. A gentleman posted this bit of his dog catching a carrot in slow-motion, bragging that his dog's skillz never fail to impress. Dogs RULE!

Wait, did I post the right video?

Exhibit E: This next item really did make my day when it was sent to me by my friend Bev. Some countries aren't the best when it comes to the treatment of dogs. Others help make up for it by doing good things. For example, some countries have a festival each year dedicated to thanking dogs for their loyalty and friendship. “Diwali” is a festival of lights celebrated by millions of Hindus every year in India, Nepal and elsewhere. Specific to Nepal, there is a day during the celebration dedicated to all the dogs, called Kukur Tihar, specifically to thank them for always being our loyal friends. (Bird says she deserves a Diwali Festival and I tell her every day is Dwali Festival). A few pictures are below, the link to the whole article is here. The colored powder is a sign of sacredness and the garlands a sign of respect.

Exhibit F:  Just because. (You kinda have to root for this guy, don't you?)

Obligatories:  I've told you about my beloved weirdo nephew and how he isn't a crier, but can put on the act like no one's business. Seriously, this kid is Oscar material and gets a total kick out of trying to fool people. Apparently, he's practicing. Got a text from his mother the other day, reporting that he asked her to take a picture of him having one of his fake "fits." These are the before and during shots. He loses points for starting to laugh in the last one (he's only four, he still has time to perfect his craft), but you've gotta admit the little nutbag puts on a good show. He can even get the waterworks going. It's quite genius:

I recently broke the sad news about my (ex)boyfriend. He's now a dog named Pizza and has eyes only for B. Here is the evidence:

That's all for this week, kids. As Carol Burnett would say, "I'm so glad we had this time together." It made me feel better. Hope one or more of these tidbits does the same for you. TGIF.

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