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We all know why we're here by now, so I'll dispense with any introduction and just get to it:

Exhibit A:  I love this item. Particularly since I still fondly remember the custodian of my dormitory in college, which was...let's just say more than two decades ago. Lou was always around with a smile and a "dad joke," and the smell of his pipe was ever-present in our hallways. We always felt good and protected when Lou was around, he always had his eye out for hooligans. Seems the students at Alan Shepard Elementary School feel the same way about their long-time custodian "Mr. Steve." Here they are awesomely lining up to have Steve sign their yearbooks:

Exhibit B: I wasn't sure this was an appropriate item as it's a bit of a heart breaker, but the underlying sentiment is giving and wonderful, so here it is. A shop in Leeds was accepting donations of vintage clothing to sell to support cancer patient hospice. The shop received this vintage wedding dress, which was spectacular in its own right, but the note attached made it particularly special. The donor was tracked down and advised of the massive response to his donation over social media. He wished to remain anonymous:

Exhibit C: My cat boyfriend Bug sent me this article, about a photographer whose pet project (see what I did there?) is taking pictures of disabled cats acting as, well, cats. Her point is that disabled cats are still cats, and are able to act as cats and be great pets. Good photography always helps adoption efforts, and these are some fun pictures. Try and spot the "disability" without reading the caption.

Exhibit D: While we're on the subject of disabled pets, let's take a gander at this lucky blind pug, who was in horrible shape and about to be euthanized. He was adopted by Sabrina Johnson, a district court judge. Not only are they now virtually inseparable, Mikey gets to go to court every day. (They always say Justice is blind, right? Ha! Got a million of 'em!) Thanks to Elizabeth for shooting this one my way.

Exhibit E: Video of this next little kickass rock star was sent to me by my friend Elyse. Lea's father is a pilot and below is a video of him taking her for an aerobatic plane ride. Just the phrase "aerobatic plane ride" makes me want to huddle in a corner. Not Lea. Just listen to her maniacal laughter as her dad rolls the plane. And if you don't speak French, this nutty, fantastic little weirdo is apparently telling him to do it again and again:

Exhibit F: I'm all for breaking out into song at a moment's notice, though I generally keep my breakouts to myself. When people who can actually sing do it in public, it's fabulous. These two aren't the stage cast of Broadway shows like we had a couple of weeks ago, but they're pretty damn good in their own right. Here they are breaking out some Stevie Ray Vaughan in WalMart. Best thing to come out of WalMart in a long, long time (also a teensy little lesson in not judging a book by its shopping-in-WalMart cover).

Obligatories: Bird and I had a busy time last weekend. The kids are out of school now and wandering the 'hood looking for things to do. Friday and Saturday we spent way too much time out on the lawn, playing tag, basketball, and whatever else their little hooligan minds could come up with. B was in 7th heaven (once she found the right number of tennis balls to keep herself happy).

Sunday I decided to finally take her to Pt. Isabel, our big, beautiful, 23-acre dog park on the ocean. It's one of the biggest dog parks in the nation and has been a favorite haunt of every dog I've owned. We were there quite early, 7 a.m., so it was cold and windy and the tide was out, but B had a grand time playing on the grass (such as it is in drought season) and walking the trails. I tried to leave at 8:30 and she jumped on a bench and staged a sit-in, so we stayed until 9.

We're half-way through Tricks class and things are going fine. Wave and spin and hoop are nifty and all, but where Bird really shines is playing dead when I point at her and say "Bang." Probably not politically correct, but it's a finger-gun and we're not taking our show on the road. I don't have a picture of her in full-rigor, which is just the best, but here's her half-dead pose:

This one is going to be a great hit with the kids. I'm sure it won't scar anyone for life, right?

Hope you all have a relaxing, peaceful weekend.

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