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I'm losing steam. Having trouble finding the right in the world. Not saying they're not out there, it simply seemed harder for me to muster the gumption to look for them. This week is more pictures than articles, beautiful photography is one of the things that helps me remember the beauty around all of us, be it natural or man-made (and I wasn't in writing mode). Hope you find a little something to enjoy.

Exhibit A:  Fantastic street art from around the world, all done by an artist known as DALeast. This is beautiful work, even though it has a bit of a dark elemental theme to it; I can only hope it's left alone. I love how the artist uses existing building parts for, um, parts (and stuff). More can be seen here.

Exhibit B:  The White House has an "Every Kid in the Park" initiative, which it administers in conjunction with the National Park Service and National Park Foundation. Starting this coming school year, fourth graders in the United States and their families will be entitled to free admission to America’s national parks, federal lands and waters. I'm not sure why it's limited to fourth graders, but hey, it's a start. Pretty cool stuff, White House Initiative.

Exhibit C: Entries have now been submitted to the 2015 Nat Geo Traveler Photo Contest, which is a chance to see incredible shots from around the world. The Nat Geo contests never fail to wow me. Check out the entries here.

Exhibit D: Hey! Some girls like superheroes! And things that aren't pink! Some boys like pink! This little girl has some very good questions about and issues with toy marketing. (Originally posted by KIIS 1065 and forwarded to me by my lovely sister):

Posted by KIIS 1065 on Thursday, April 30, 2015

Exhibit E:  I've written about J.J. Watt before, but the good he does just keeps on coming. How can you not like a guy who posts "I love you" messages with pictures of him with his mommy, spends time reading with kids, and is involved with all kinds of charity events. I have a hard time rooting for Houston, but I'm always rooting for this good dude. (Though it hurts me to my core that his mother looks way younger than I am. Where did the time go?)

Exhibit F: It seems the stories about kickass older women just keep coming out of the woodwork, and that makes me happy. Rose Green is one of the fastest sprinters in her age group (which is impressive, but how many 77-year-old sprinters can there be? Doesn't matter, she's still moving, and very quickly at that). Despite only taking up the sport last year, Rose is winning competitions and training for the national championships coming up in July. She also holds the world record in the 60-meter sprint in her age group. She's a great-grandmother and practices every day. And has rockin' delts. And her coach is her boyfriend. You go, Rose.

Exhibit G (for Giraffe, get it?):  I had no idea how giraffes slept until I got this link from Erin. It seems I'm not alone. Apparently it's hard to catch a giraffe sleeping as they only require 30 minutes of Zzzz per day. I don't know about you, but while this might be nice in some respects, I would hate to miss good napping. Also hindering any giraffe dream I might harbor is that I could never get into/out of this position. The link has some great photos, a few favorites are below. How sweet are they? And it's nice to see a picture of a giraffe that doesn't have some ahole hunter posing next to its carcass. Seems my social media feed is full of those lately. They're posted by folks trying to bring exposure, but damn, what a day-ruiner. As a side note, we used to have carpeting in our family room that was giraffe-patterned. Ah, the 70s.

Sleeping? Dude on the right looks like he's goofy on the juice. Which I understand; getting around, not to mention up and down, on those gams has got to lead one to medical lubrication.

Exhibit H: No obligatories today, I wanted to end with this link. It's from Buzzfeed, and it includes "24 Pictures That Will Make You Feel Better About The World." A few have been featured on the site previously, but most are new. Take some time to scroll through them, it did me a world of good (Ha! See what I did there?).

Good god, I almost forgot the goat vine:

That's all folks. Back with more stories next week, but I hope today's missives provide you with some ocular pleasure. TGIF.


Marisa @The Daily Dosage said...

I'm sorry you had a rough week there and if you can tell by the comments I am adding at such a late date, I have also been in a funk. Just super busy and not getting the time each day to visit my blog friends and say hi. So, HI!! and hope you week has improved. :)

Malcolm Avenue Review said...

Thank you for stopping in and saying hi (any old time), it's always nice. I hear you about The Funk. Not sure what it's all about, but I know sifting through the news doesn't help. Hope you're on an upswing also!

About Malcolm Avenue Review

I was lucky enough to be born and raised in a nifty, oak-shaded ranch house on Malcolm Avenue, a wide-laned residential street with little through traffic, located amid the foothills of Northern California. It was on that street and in that house I learned most of my adolescent life lessons, and many grown-up ones to boot. Malcolm Avenue was "home" for more than thirty years.

It was on Malcolm Avenue, through and with my family and the other families that made up our neighborhood of characters, that I first learned about and gained an appreciation for the things I continue to love the most to this day: music, animals, photography, sports, television/movies and, of course, books.

I owe a debt of gratitude to that life on Malcolm Avenue. It gave me a sense of community and friendship, support and adventure. For better and worse, life on that street likely had the biggest impact on the person I've become. So this blog, and the things I write here, are all, at their base level, a little bit of a love letter to Malcolm Avenue.


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