Friday, March 20, 2015


I almost didn't have the gumption to prepare a post this week for a variety of reasons, but April unknowingly gave me a kick in the ass, so here are some items I saw, heard, or read that kept my head above water. I hope you also find something below to help ease your mental load heading into the weekend:

Exhibit A:  I suffered chills and something in my eye while watching this video. KLM Airlines goes the extra mile to re-unite passengers with items they have lost or left behind on planes. Cute Beagle alert! Thanks to my sister for this one.

Exhibit B:  This picture cracked me up. This gentleman was out performing his surveying duties when a group of kids came along. Thinking his equipment was a camera, they all got together and wanted to have their picture taken. It appears he's playing along, which I love. Look at the mugging from that kid in front. Query at what age do we go from this mindset to hating to have our pictures taken? We should strive to be more like grade-schoolers methinks:

Exhibit C:  I love this project that artist and food blogger Chris Durso is doing with his son. Titled the "Foodnited States of America," they use puns to create states shaped from food. Don't know about you, but I'm ready to book a trip to Piedaho, that crust looks fantastic:

Exhibit D:  This Buzzfeed article highlighting 21 ninja cats who have mastered the strategy and tactics of unconventional warfare (ninjutsu) had me laughing out loud. Cats be crazy:

Exhibit E:  COACH IS BACK!

You're welcome.

Exhibit F:  That's all I've got other than the obligatory Week of Bird shots. Send her some positive thoughts this week, she's having a hard time health-wise. Though you'd never know it, that dog is a ray of sunshine 100% of the damn time. Typical Golden. I'd say we should all be more like our dogs, but that's way too lofty a goal for mere humans.

I was especially proud of her this week when she sat like a statue (as I promised she would - fingers crossed) and let a little neighbor boy who is very fearful of dogs approach and pet her. I was over 20 feet away at the time, so that was all Bird. Therapy certificate, here we come. Here she is being enjoyed by two other 'hood hooligans:

Did I mention she loves ball? Yes, those are my legs she's forced herself between as I was trying to read. Subtlety is not a Bird strong-suit:

Bird insists on stopping at each bench we pass on the water path behind the house. She jumps up and just sits and watches the city of San Francisco, the water and the birds. Did I mention we should be more like our dogs?

Apparently I'm going to need more deck furniture:

And finally, this video (thanks to Jen for helping me figure out how to embed this one). We really should all try and be more like our dogs and find the joy in the simple things:

That's all, y'all.  TGIF'ingF


Pop Culture Nerd said...

I've had a tricky week. I needed that. Thanks. The ninja cats are hilarious.

Is Bird OK, health-wise?

Malcolm Avenue Review said...

Those cats killed me, I had no idea they could do such things. I have a new appreciation for their strategery. Bird isn't ok, but the bad news was probably the best news we could have hoped for, if that makes sense. No "disease" per se, but kidney, bladder and intestinal issues that will be ongoing. But at least we know what we're dealing with and hopefully the plan will help!

Pop Culture Nerd said...

That's a bummer for Bird and you but glad to hear you're dealing with the news well. Do you have pet insurance?

Malcolm Avenue Review said...

I do not, but since she had her first infection in Taiwan, it would all be pre-existing anyway. Blerg. But she remains a happy camper, so we're dealing. To top it off she cut her foot, had to have it lanced. Now has to stay quiet and has a sock duct-taped on her foot. The humanity!

Malcolm Avenue Review said...

There is always room for great company in Piedaho, Paulette!

Paulette Feeney said...

Thank you, kindly!

Marisa @The Daily Dosage said...

Love those kids taking the picture! :) Hope Bird is feeling better and looking forward to watching Bloodlines tonight! Have a great weekend.

Malcolm Avenue Review said...

Aren't they fantastic? I so hope Bloodlines is good. I've missed me some Coach. You have a great one, too, thanks for stopping in!

Julianne - Outlandish Lit said...

NINJA CATS oh my god so wonderful. I had a cat that would stand on the top of open doors then jump on your shoulders. So terrifying. So many claws. I hope Bird feels better!! She is so adorable.

Malcolm Avenue Review said...

Aren't they fabulous? I can't believe you were lucky/cursed enough to actually own a ninjutsu cat. No matter how often that happened, it still had to scare the bejesus out of you. Cats can be evil and I love them for their joyous revelry in such acts. Thanks for the thoughts for Bird, she's a ray of sunshine 100% of the time and I'm working like mad to get her healthy.

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