Friday, February 27, 2015


Wasn't 2015 supposed to be better than 2014? Criminy. Here are a few positive tidbits to hopefully balance out the teeter-totter:

Exhibit A:  California Representative Mike Honda made my week with this tweet:

"As the proud grandpa of a transgender grandchild, I hope she can feel safe at school without fear of being bullied."

Goodonya, Congressman Honda. It would appear you raised a good, decent human being in your granddaughter's parent.  I'm proud you're a California representative.

Exhibit B:  This column made me laugh, and also brought back great memories of some fun email "wars" I've had in the past. This one kicks my ass a mile from Sunday. Two former editors of Harper's Magazine, who have never met, started sending each other emails to see who could "make the other person experience the most profound sense of dread and panic."  Funny stuff.

Exhibit C:  Courtesy of my nifty pal Chris Holm, this link is full of fun, creepy plants that look like faces and *things* (i.e., tell me someone didn't make a grave error naming #19.  C'mon, that's a Phallus Phlower if I've ever seen one, amiright?)  And how have none of my friends ever gifted me a Naked Man Orchid? I know I have a black thumb, but even *I* might work a little harder to keep that alive. Check out this beautiful White Egret Orchid:

Exhibit D:  LLAMA DRAMA 2015. This made my week, nay my month. Two llamas escaped from a transport trailer in Sun City, Arizona and proceeded to keep half the state on the run (and looking like Darwinism wasn't far behind them) for a good 30 minutes. Trucks, men in truck beds, men on foot, men circling the llamas with arms outstretched (what, did they think this was the universal llama hypnosis stance or something?) were constantly outwitted and outrun by these two camelids and it was GLORIOUS.  All the more fun to be watched live with everyone else on social media.  People are funny, llamas are great entertainment.  If you missed it, I'm just so very sorry. And not to worry, everyone was home safe in the end. And to make the story even better? Apparently the llamas were being taken to an assisted living facility to visit a former llama rancher. Llamas are therapy, yo.

Exhibit E:  I was discussing what great pets rats are on Facebook and my pal Gretchen Beetner posted this picture of her and the rat she used to bring home as part of a school program. I love this picture of Gretchen and Salt so hard I had to share. How adorable are they? Rats are the bomb (Gretchen, too):

Exhibit F:  From the Gratuitous Bird Files.  The neighborhood hooligans love Super Bird.  The feeling is mutual:

That's all, ya'll.  TGIF

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Malcolm Avenue Review said...

It was llama crazytime until the dress took over. But it was nice to see my feed flooded with some funny crazy over world gone mad crazy for a change. :) Thanks for stopping by, so glad to have found your blog as well, that Shannon is a peach.

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